Heroic Tendencies is the first full length album from the band From Zero 2 Hero. The songs on the album have a wide range from something that makes people want to bob their head to something that people can mosh to, so they can appeal to virtually all music fans. In creating the album, the band members wanted to bring back the catchy melodies and upbeat rhythms that have seemingly been forgotten in the rock world. Influenced by the music they grew up listening to, the songs have a sound that one can relate to, but they place a new spin on things which also gives the sound a modern feel. Check out this album and be prepared to add From Zero 2 Hero to your list of favorite bands!

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From Zero 2 Hero From Zero 2 Hero

From Zero 2 Hero is a band from Southern California with an explosive energy, a positive outlook, and a sound that can appeal to the masses. Upon discovering their musical powers, these five men banded together to save humanity from the forces of evil. With the use of a refreshing twist on a relatable sound, their aim is to hit the music scene in a way that will disrupt the social norms that have plagued the rock world.

                In their youth, our heroes lived in a world of awesome music with catchy melodies and upbeat rhythms. As time passed, they saw the world they knew and loved begin to crumble as evil forces gained power and led society astray. From Zero 2 Hero was created to combat this loss of identity by bringing back the very thing that brought these men together.  With Enzo Fuentes leading the fight on vocals, Dragonface Clay on backup vocals and rhythm guitar, Ruben Crash shredding on lead guitar, Bear Lee on bass, and Bret Smith on drums, there is nothing these men cant accomplish.

                Although a new band, From Zero 2 Hero has big plans for the future. With a constant presence in the music scene and the release of their full length album, “Heroic Tendencies,” these men are seeking to restore the rock world to its previous magnitude. Their goal is to reconcile a forgotten sound by reminding society of its bitchin past. Join the Hero movement today and help as they restore the rock world! is Custom Design by DragonFace Media